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Fertility Reflexology

Whilst Reflexology does not claim to cure infertility, it can calm and relax the body to help balance the hormones, therefore allowing the body naturally to optimise the functioning of the Reproductive system.


Ideally, in unexplained cases of infertility, the Male and Female couple should under-take reflexology. For the male, the program aims to reduce stress, with the aim of improving sperm quality. A typical female treatment works on 2 key areas - stress management and Hormone balancing.


Hormone balancing can start on day 1 of the menstrual cycle, and we ideally recommend 2-3 treatments of Reflexology up to day 10. Prior to Ovulation to ensure the fallopian tubes are clear, hormones are balanced, and the uterus is in prime condition to receive an embryo.


Note: In the cases of IUI/IVF/ or ICSI protocols, hormone balancing Reflexology is not used to disturb the effects of the medication. Treatments will be used for stress management, however it is important to note that all individuals respond differently to treatments.


It may take 3 months for changes in the body to affect egg and sperm quality, so it is important to consider this if you are embarking on conception assisted treatments. Reflexology can be beneficial in reducing stress at this time.


With the experience of working with many couples at this important period in their lives, I recognise this is a very emotional and stressful time for couples. Each individual case is treated with the upmost sensitivity, empathy and discretion.


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Maternity Reflexology

During pregnancy, Reflexology can also help with a number of symptoms, as the body goes through significant changes affecting the body hormonally, emotionally and physiologically. It can can help alleviate or prevent discomfort arising from the imbalances and restore the body’s natural equilibrium.


Maternity Reflexology will be tailor made to your changing needs and trimester of pregnancy, with the aim to relax sooth and encourage the body to balance and harmonise.


Dr Gowri Motha a UK based obstetrician research has shown that regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy can promote more natural delivery outcomes and a shorter delivery time, often requiring less pain relief.


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