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Fertility & Maternity Reflexology (cont)


Preparation for Labour Induction with Reflexology

Reflexology in preparation for labour, should be carried out after the baby’s due date and requires you to discuss this with your midwife prior to booking a session.


The treatment aims to prepare the body naturally for the labour by encouraging relaxation, promoting a calm, positive frame of mind, energising the body and endorsing positive affirmations for birth.


A Reflexology treatment for an overdue baby is quite different from a traditional session. I will, as a trained Reflexologist, stimulate certain specific reflex points to promote uterine contractions and influence cervical ripening and dilation. A number of acupressure points are used for this unique treatment plan.


The session is very energising, stimulating but can be a little uncomfortable.


Uk based Obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha, found in her research that receiving weekly reflexology treatments in the third trimester of pregnancy can reduce labour time by 4-6 hours.


The study highlighted the effects of reflexology treatments during pregnancy with the UK standard rate of induction is 21%, clients having 9 or more Reflexology sessions prior to labour had significantly reduced this figure to 6.5%, thus more likely to have a natural shorter birth.


This process is completely natural soit is important to note that baby will come as nature would allow, and at the right time.


To discuss your individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact me